01.Alexa Mobile Core

      App Home Redesign

      The Home Channel is the premier real estate in the app and provides the best opportunity to increase engagement and improve app retention. Upgrading the experience will allow for better personalization and usage of the screen that every app customer sees.

      My Role:

    • ·  Leading the user experiences of the Alexa Mobile App home channel and driving the design of Northstart vision
    • ·  Working with the PM team on scoping and planning of the design workstream
    • ·  Driving the user study designs of the home channel and working with the UX Research team in conducting remote moderated/unmoderated user research
    • ·  Reviewing intakes from the stakeholders (domain partner teams) and designining new home CX patterns to support the rapidly scaling features and functionalities of the app
    • Due to Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement, the work is only available through presentation and is not for sharing.
      Please reach to Michelle for more details and design artifacts.

      Project Details (Coming Soon)

      Alexa Mobile Design System

      Alexa Mobile Design System targets at the north star user experience of Alexa mobile app, which provides consistency of interaction and visual design patterns. We started with standardizing frequently used UI components into a central shared library of pre-built UI components.

      My Role:

    • ·  Audited and identified common design patterns across various domains and features
    • ·  Working with the PM/TPM to prioritize component intakes
    • ·  Drove the 20+ design initiatives of intaking new components into the design library and delivered interaction design specifications
    • ·  Authored and published 10+ design guideline articles
    • ·  Consulted and reviewed design patterns domain teams proposed, and provided recommendations based on the design system
    • ·  Contributed to light/dark theming bug bashes and provided design inputs
    • Project Details (Coming Soon)

      More Menu Redesign

      The ‘More’ menu complements bottom bar by facilitating quick access to the next most important features in the app. Its job is to be an efficient ‘traffic intersection’ that gets customers to the right place in the app, as quickly as possible. Hence, it provides:
      1) incoming traffic with limited, easy-to-understand set of popular routes,
      2) provide a catch-all route that ensures that all customers have a path forward (no dead ends), and
      3) ensure customers get a high-quality experience from all its routes.

      My Role:

    • Redesigning More Menu for Jasper Phase II with update IA and new visual treatment.
    • 02.Domain Features

      Alexa Auto Mode

      DriveMode is visual complement to Echo Auto and other in-car AMA devices designed to enhance your Alexa in-vehicle experience while reducing distracted driving. DriveMode uses your phone’s screen, ideally mounted using a phone mount, to bring visuals into the car for top on-the-go use cases such as entertainment, communication, navigation, and local search when an Echo Auto or AMA device is already installed.

      My Role:

    • In this project, I was driving the CX of first time user experience (including Drive Mode setup), ingress/egress, and settings. I also did some early design exploration of the in-Drive Mode CX before handing that portion to Alexa Auto team. Additionally, I worked with Muffin OOBE team to integrate Drive Mode FTUE into Muffin OOBE flow. After handing off the IxD Specs, I stayed close with the engineering and QA team to hammer down the implementation details, and fix bugs.
    • Alexa Routines

      Alexa Routines allows Alexa to associate user specified trigger events with user specified operations. This experience is supported by voice interactions as well as a GUI experience in the Alexa App.

      My Role:

    • I have been collaborating with Routines team, and designing new Routines features' experiences. As one of the main contributor of Mosaic HIG, I also worked with the Routines PM to audit and update Routines design to Mosaic compliant, identify custom components, propose new standard components and contribute back to the design system.
    • 03.Side Projects

      Alexa Voice Academy

      The Alexa Voice Academy is a VUI design bootcamp that teaches voice user interface (VUI) design concepts, skills, and best practices to help Alexa builders create delightful, voice-forward customer experiences.

      My AlexaVoice Academy Project - Routine Recipes:

    • Creating a new routine is not supported through voice at the moment. The customers do try to create new routines, and the most commonly used utterances are “Alexa, create a routine” and “Alexa, set a routine”. Currently, ‘create a routine’ takes the user to the knowledge domain and suggests the user to create routines in Alexa App. And ‘set a routine’ points the user to a 3P Yoga skill.