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      Amazon Alexa Mobile App

      UX Designer @ Amazon Device Design Group | Aug. 2019 - Present
      Keywords: Interaction Design, Multimodal Experience, Mobile App

      Joining Amazon Alexa org in August 2019, I started with designing user experiences for “Routines” and “Alexa App Auto Mode”. In 2020, I took the lead to standardize design patterns in the Alexa app and worked with a team of product managers, designers and engineers to create component library “Mosaic”. Now I’m leading the user experiences of the Alexa Mobile App home channel and re-envisioning how Alexa mobile endpoint might become a better assistant to Alexa users.

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      VISSH: Voice Interaction Surface for Smart Homes

      MS HCI Master Project @ Georgia Tech | Sep. 2018 - May. 2019
      Advisor: Prof. Gregory D. Abowd
      Keywords: Ubiquitous Computing, Smart Homes, Wearable

      VISSH, voice interaction surface for smart homes, is a flexible patch that extends the reach of smart home speakers. It is designed to be attached to the clothes you wear at home, enabling onbody voice interactions with the speaker at every spot within your household. It is designed based on a new self-sustained flexible microphone developed by COSMOS Team at Georgia Tech.

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      Summer Internship @ Google Hardware | May. 2018 - Aug. 2018
      Keywords: Design Research, Hardware Experience, Visualization, Motion

      I spent my 2018 summer as a User Experience Design Intern on the Google Hardware UX team in Mountain View. The mission of the intern project was to vision and visualize new user experiences and use cases for Google’s 2019 - 2020 hardware products. In this project, I identified unique value of each device in Google hardware ecosystem, defined 12 cross-product high value opportunities, created detailed storyboards, and designed key user experiences and interactions.

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