About Atlanta Beltline

      The Atlanta BeltLine is a comprehensive transportation and economic development effort, and an urban redevelopment programs undertaken in the City of Atlanta. It is a planned 22-mile loop of multi-use trails, modern streetcar, and parks is situated along historic railroad corridors that encircle the city and pass through 45 neighborhoods.
      The BeltLine represents a unique social and physical landscape. Since 2010, Art on the Atlanta BeltLine has grown in scope to become the largest temporary outdoor art exhibition in the south that is completely free to the public. Art on the Atlanta BeltLine features a year-round public art collection as well as temporary exhibitions designed to engage the community in thoughtful expression.

      Problem Statement

      Project Information


          Service Design Group Project @ Georgia Tech


          Sep. 2018 - Nov. 2018


          Service Design, Brand System, UCD Process
          Cross-platform, Web, Mobile


          Michelle Ma, Scott Sun


          Paper and pen, Sketch, InVision, Framer X
          Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro

        My Role

        Scott and I worked together in most part of this project. We splited the visual design evenly, and helped review each other's work frequently.
        1. Conducted initial research including field observation, online research, eleven semi-structured interviews, creating stakeholder relationship map, competitive analysis.
        2. Synthesized research insights and created personas, empathy maps and current user journey maps.
        3. Analyzed Atlanta Beltline Inc and Art on the Atlanta Beltline's brand system, and designed a new sub-brand system for this project.
        4. Designed and prototyped half of this project's visual assets. 5. Ran design feedback sessions and user testing with all types of stakeholders, and iterated on the design.



      Research Overview

      To better delineate our problem space, uncover user needs and discover current pain points, we carried out a series of research.


      Synthesized Insights

      Based on the research findings, we synthesized pain and gain points of 4 main target user groups and further defined the problems we would like to address through our design.

      Problem Statement

      • How might we improve the efficiency and reduce the manual labor required for collecting and managing art information?
      • How might we improve the accuracy and timeliness of information about Atlanta Beltline that is presented to the visitor?
      • How might we make the art work's information and other useful information more accessible to visitor?



      Through analyzing current interactions between the 4 stakeholder user groups, we defined 6 issues that we planned to address in our design. And we ideated the design features accordingly.


      Service Blueprint

      Based on the information architecture and the key user flows, we created the service blueprint which delineate how all types of stakeholders make use of and interact with the system.

      Design Solution

      Frontstage System

      Backstage System

      Brand System

      Physical Touchpoints

      Digital Touchpoints

      05.Validate & Iterate

      Concept Testing


      Final Design



      Future Work

      Usability Test

      Our user testing mainly focused on validating user values with the key stakeholders. We plan to test more detailed interactions once we finished with prototype with higher fidelity.

      Other Modules in the System

      Because of the scope and time limitation of this project, we only completed the design of the critical features and flows. There are other parts of the system, e.g. content editing and management in the backstage, needed to be designed and tested.

      Physical Touch Points

      Accessing the website through scanning QR code on our physical touch points caused some confusion. Designing instruction or tutorial to help people learn how to scan the QR code is needed.


      Currently, Atlanta Beltline has multiple websites and mobile apps developed for different purposes. There are overlaps between each other. And we need to discuss the positioning of each platform and how to integrate them to best serve the audience.