Do We Need Sleep?

The average person spends 1/3 of his or her life asleep

Restorative Theory

Muscle growth, tissue repair, protein synthesis only occur when we sleep.

Brain Plasticity Theory

Sleep is correlated to changes in the structure and organization of the brain,
the process by which the brain is able to learn and remember, acquisition, consolidation and recall.
Consolidation is the process by which memories become stable.


Do We Sleep?

      NREM Stages

        NREM stands for non-rapid eye movement stages, which are dreamless sleep phase. N1 is lightest stage of sleep and lasts between 1-7 minutes; N2 lasts 10-25 minutes; N3 is deep sleep lasts 20-40 minutes

      REM Stage

        REM stage represents rapid eye movement sleep stage, which is a unique phase characterized by random eye movements, low muscle tone throughout the body and vivid dreams.

      Sleep Cycle

        Different sleep stages determine the consolidation of different types of memories.Loss of sleep or poor quality sleep reduces the one’s ability to learn.


Is The Problem?

      Light Disturbance

        Affects our internal clock

      Noise Disturbance

        Noise effects people differently. Most prefer quiet,
        soothing or familiar sounds

      Emotional Disturbance

        Stress and anxiety are the biggest culprit


Is The Target Audience?

Target Demographic

The millions of people from all walks of life who feel the effects of sleep loss, from executives who constantly travel across multiple time zones to organic farmers who must get up extra early to harvest new crops. For anyone who wants to be a healthier and more productive person.


Intelligent Sleep Gear For Power Nap

Create a intelligent, sustainable device that influences user’s visual and audio response.
A convenient and sustainable device that will allow users to improve their sleep quality.


      Blocks Light

      Structured ocular support for optimal comfort

      Blocks Sound

      White noise player is able to seamlessly drown out background environmental sounds

      Integrated Sleep Monitoring

      Intelligent tracking application that detects the quality of the users sleep

      Smart Alarm

      Integration with sleep monitoring to detect optimal time for wakeup


      Solar powered for convenience and environmental concerns

      Asian-Specific Fit

      Shaped with quantitative ergononic analysis of asian facial contour


The App is designed for user who wants to keep long-term track of his/her sleep pattern. Data will be automatically synced to the smart phone through Bluetooth. There is a LED touch panel on the eye mask, which provides user simple function setups. More detailed settings are available in the App. The sleep log page will show data record for every monitored night. The content includes the sleep time, eye movement pattern as well as body movement pattern. Through the sliding bar located at the bottom, user is able to get access to specific date that he/she want to check. Writing notes, sharing functions are also provided.